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My name is Araí Moleri

Araí Moleri is a Uruguayan photographer and retoucher based in Berlin.
She has produced images for several brands, including Hello Fresh, Majo Rey, Nina Hauzer, Sarah Kosta, Hómini and Je Suis.

Some of Araí's images have been painted around the world as large murals by the renowned collective of mural artists: Colectivo Licuado.

During her studies as a product designer and visual artist, Araí's interest in photography began to grow.
She worked as a camera assistant on a stop-motion movie with director Walter Tournier in 2010 and also studied photo retouching for fashion and beauty.
Since then she continued working as a photographer and retoucher.

Araí began to work with fashion photography and portraiture before being introduced to product, architecture and still life.
With a passionate eye for detail and colour, she has always retouched her own photographs and so has maintained control of her images from beginning to end of the creative process.

In 2018 she moved to Berlin, where she has continued working as a retoucher and photographer.
Her photos have been published in magazines such as ExBerliner, Ícona and BLNC magazine, among others.

hello (at) araimoleri.com

Instagram: @araimoleriofficial @aramolara